Latest Status

The current time for 1 confirmation is estimated at around 15 minutes, unless you have a time-delay specified for added privacy.

Fully Anonymous

A combination of different mixing techniques backed up by a huge buffer and new mined coins daily ensure you never receive your old dirty coins.

Highly Secure

Our web host is fully offshore and all data is encrypted. Once you receive your new bitcoins you can delete your transaction receipt instantly from our server. We keep no logs!

Significant Volume

Because we have been running as a premier mixer since 2014, we have a constant stock pile of new bitcoins. We also receive new coins daily that are being mined in the cloud.

Very Fast

Whether you send 0.02 BTC or 20 BTC, our system will deliver you new bitcoins instantly after only 1 bitcoin network confirmation (within minutes usually unless you change the delay time)

Common BTC Mixing Questions

Is it really instant to receive new bitcoins?

Once you start a bitcoin mix, we have to wait for 1 confirmation from the bitcoin network to ensure the bitcoins clear. This usually takes just a few minutes and then the system will send you new coins to your wallet(s) specified. For extra privacy and the paranoid users, we do recommend setting a higher delay prior to the start of the bitcoin blend. The random time feature is the most recommended, which Bitcoins will be randomly depsoited to your supplied BTC wallet addresses between 5 minutes and up to 6 hours. Just start a bitcoin blend before bed and wake up to fresh new coins in your wallet.

How much does it cost to mix my bitcoins?

Unlike Helix Grams Light and other BTC mixers who charge a flat static fee, allows you to set a custom one with every bitcoin mix. If attacker knows service fee, he can analyse blockchain to find exact sum transferred and discover your destination account. For example if you send 1 BTC with a fixed fee 0.5%, you should receive 0.9995 BTC. It is not so difficult to check blockchain after 24 hours and find all exact transactions. Even if you use several forward addresses it is quite easy. That is why our system allows you to set custom fee, combined with several forward addresses and time delay.

Is your BTC Mixer safe and legal?

Since starting business in 2014, we have mixed over 10,000 bitcoins and have never been hacked, shutdown, or lost any bitcoins. We invite you to read reviews on several top Bitcoin websites about our service. As of 2017, there are no laws against mixing bitcoins and it is actually encouraged to always mix your bitcoins from many privacy advocates. For extra privacy use TOR and use our onion btc mixer http://blndr4azr2dizj2c.onion

Why would I want new bitcoins?

Bitcoin is not anonymous. All transactions are kept in a public ledger and your IP address can even be tied to bitcoins. If you want to hide your spending habits and how much Bitcoin you control, it is recommended to always mix or blend your bitcoins with BTC Blender. We have a rotating supply of fresh bitcoins daily and can usually swap up to around 50 bitcoins per transaction.

We guarantee our bitcoin blender. Feel free to get in touch with us by E-mailing Please include your transaction URL if you are asking a question about an existing transaction.